H3K9 is a small independt company that is starting out and as of right now we have alot of ideas in the works to expand bigger and be better.  We listen to our customers with their needs and wants.  
The Team
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    Team member 1
    Hello my name is Robert Hochhausler and I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I graduated from Deer Park High School in 1999. I went into the US Marines and deployed overseas on 2 tours. I was wanted to work with dogs.. After I got out I went into the police academy and had a dream to be a police officer and work with the K9'S. Life happens and things had changed. I got a job working as a kennel tech for one company and I really got into wanting to get into training. I had left their to expand my opportunities with another company were I started off as a kennel tech and started to get my career starting in training. I started taking classes through Top Tier K9 and the academy of animal behavior college. I really wanted to open my own business and expand it into how I wanted to be treated and run a business how I always wanted to. Between all of my classes, training and experience I took the best of them all and I open the doors to H3K9. The H3K9 stands for( H-Hochhausler,3 for my 3 sons and k9 for the dogs I work with.