1. Puppy Imprinting
    When you go get a new addition to your home and you need help setting up a regular schedule for them to follow, basic obedience training, learning how to walk on a leash. To stop any bad habits before they happen.
  2. Board and Train
    You can bring your dog (s) into my training area/ home where they stay up to 2 weeks to have more one on one training outside of their home..
  3. Boarding
    If you are going away on vacation or a weekend getaway. You can board your dog/dogs with no worry. They will receive outside playtime, treats, inter action with other dogs.
  4. In Home training
    This is where myself will come to your house to train your dog(s) in their environment, establish the "good" dog. I train the dog and the owners, children or anyone else in the household to be able to continue, do follow ups with the dog
  5. Grooming
    I work closely with a local groomer that has been in business over 20 years, I can give referrals or during boarding for a extra fee I can take your dog to get all the pampering done so when you reunite with your dog all grooming needs are already meet.
  6. Up and Coming
    Areas that are in the works coming to H3K9 will be: daycare, protection training, service dog training, off leash training. We are going to be adding the square to make it easier to make payments besides cash and checks for all of your training needs.